HyperSuggest Review 2022

HyperSuggest Review 2022 - What Is It?

HyperSuggest is a keyword tool that delivers thousands of keywords and ideas from 9 different networks: Google, Amazon, eBay, Instagram, etc instantly.

It can be used to find content or products you haven't thought about yet and create content that really interests your audience. The software claims to have access to the exact search volume of over 1.4 billion keywords worldwide.

The tool also shows you the search trends for the keyword results. So you can recognize trends and seasonal fluctuations

For each keyword, you also get the average CPC for Google Ads. In this way, you can see in which area the bid for the keyword is located and whether it is worthwhile for you to bid on it.

With HyperSuggest you can research ideas for your content on your website, product ideas, and relevant content on Instagram, or YouTube topics. This way you can reach your target group via a holistic online marketing strategy. Let's continue to the modules in this HyperSuggest review.

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HyperSuggest Review 2022 - Modules and Features:

Google Search

You will receive the most relevant Autocomplete suggestions from Google for your keyword.

In just a few seconds, you can find out up to 700 keywords per query including their exact search volume for your selected country.

HyperSuggest Review 2022 - Common Questions

Get up to over 1,000 questions on a topic of your choice in seconds.

Understand the needs of your visitors and customers and create valuable content that really moves your target audience.

Google Images

Use the image search module to find out which images your target group is looking for and produce high-quality images that fit your needs.


Would you like to know which products or product variants Amazon's customers are interested in?

The Amazon module helps your FBA business to sell the products at Amazon that are really in demand by your target group.


Also, the eBay module offers the possibility of product research. Recognize product trends or product variants, which are searched by your customers.

Through LIVE queries, you can also react to trends and short-term demands and always stay up to date.

Google Shopping

Would you like to know which products and variants are in demand on Google Shopping in your segment?

Then use the shopping module of HyperSuggest and get valuable insights into the search phrases of your customers.


Production of a YouTube video can be very complex and expensive. That's why it's important to focus your company's resources on the right video themes.

Use the YouTube module to find the video themes that interest your target audience.


The right hashtags are essential for targeting Instagram posts. With the HyperSuggest Instagram module, you can find all relevant hashtags for your next business post.

Google News

Through HyperSuggest's LIVE queries it is possible for them to display the current news autocompletes.

This allows you to research current topics and process more details in your news articles.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many queries can I make?

You can send as many requests as you like. Only the queries with exact search volume are limited.

How long does my subscription last?

You can choose to pay monthly or yearly. You can cancel your subscription at any time, monthly/annually, depending on the subscription model.

HyperSuggest Review 2022 - Conclusion

This HyperSuggest review highly recommends this software thanks to its huge range of available keywords, global trend analysis, and works on profitable platforms such as Google, Instagram, Amazon, eBay, and YouTube. This is perfect for beginners due to the simplicity of HyperSuggest and its far-reaching applications.

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